Ready, Set, Banshee!

Actress Carrie Bernans Portrait

On game—

Carrie as an athlete

Carrie has been an athlete all her life coming from her mother who was an amazing basketball player to her father who qualified for the Olympics.

Carrie has played every sport you can imagine from soccer to basketball to dance to flag football to softball in China to ping-pong competitions, but track and cross country stuck with her out of all of them.

Carrie broke records in middle and high school track and went on to run at the University of Memphis. She was NCAA Division 1 Track & Cross Country athlete competing in 800M, 1600M, 1 Mile, 2 Mile, 5K’s and more.

Carrie is also an amazing swimmer, loves riding horses and loves free-diving and scuba diving.

Meet "Banshee"

Carrie is now a pro-tagger. She is “Banshee” on the upcoming obstacle course competition show of Fox, Ultimate Tag. Basically, it is an extreme version of the game of tag using parkour and high-intensity running and intervals. It’s going to be the fastest, craziest and most intense game you’ve ever seen.

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