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Carrie Bernans

Actress Carrie Bernans Portrait
Actress Carrie Bernans Portrait

Meet Carrie—

Who is Carrie?

Hey there, I’m Carrie Bernans. I’m an actress, pro-tagger, former division 1 athlete turned pro-athlete, martial artist, stuntwoman, voice over artist, and influencer. Oh, and I speak 6 languages and I’m an entrepreneur. So, hello, 你好, привет, que pasa, sveiki, and bonjour.

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Ready, Set, Action!

Carrie has been seen in Marvel’s phenomenal Black Panther and Avengers: End Game as a Dora Milije warrior fighting for #Wakanda along the side of Black Panther. Carrie, like the Black Panther, “…has a good heart, and [ ] gives us a real hero[ine] —strong and honorable and, when possible, even filled with grace.”

But, get ready to see Carrie’s newest character, ‘The Banshee’ in FOX’s new hot summer show #TheUltimateTAG where Carrie is a pro-tagger and stops at nothing to bring her Villon character and competitive attitude to the screen. See the latest promo of the show here.

Carrie Bernans in Dora Milaje costume for Black Panther Movie
Actress Carrie Bernans Fierce Portrait


Move that mountain, baby!

Carrie Bernans has been business-minded since she was as young as 12. She would out-sell everyone in school for the chocolate bar fundraiser or raise enough funds for a pizza party or field trip.


Making a life by giving.

Carrie runs a nonprofit called CB Seed Foundation, serves on the advisory board for non-profits such as Literacy 2 Success, 5 for 5 and alumni advisory board for Youth About Business and Diamond in the Raw.

Carrie Bernans holding a book

Latest Updates—


Paris International Film Festival News—

Carrie Bernans announced as Jury Member