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Top 9 Reasons To Book Carrie

Hiring the right motivational speaker is a very important decision.

She has been described as “a burst of inspiration”, “fiercely intelligent and surprisingly funny”, and “the best youth motivational speaker seen in years.” She is the right choice for audiences in all industries, all walks of life and backgrounds because her work focuses on what makes us all human & reminds us of our purpose: our inconceivable potential in life and business, and helps us remove the limits that stop us from reaching it.

Here are a few reasons why Carrie has become a favorite among meeting and event planners, and a trusted partner for communities everywhere.

Actress Carrie Bernans Portrait

9. Audiences Love Her & Find Her Charisma Contagious

Carrie delivers on and off stage. Audiences consistently rate Carrie as a five-star motivational speaker and as “the highlight” of any event. Once you hear her speak, you’ll want her back. For the keynote, youth summit, blogger conference, workshop or leadership development program that everyone will be talking about long after your event is over, book Carrie.

8. Promotional & Marketing Support

Carrie is truly thrilled to be a part of your event. The proof is in the way she engages audiences before and after as well as the marketing assets she will give you that can be customized to help you drive high registrations, attendance, and excitement throughout the planning and post-event. If there’s one thing she can do to make your job easier, your clients happier, or your audience more satisfied – just ask.

7. Relatable Soul Stirring Visuals

Carrie drives home her message with soul-stirring videos, relatable photos, surprising animations, and music. She knows how to capture the power of multimedia – thanks to being working as an actress in the film industry and contemporary dancer.

There’s nothing more compelling than a memorable story that reminds us of the rare connection of the human experience, and Carrie is a powerful story-teller – she often tells her personal story on how she grew up poor and rose to graduate college in 4 years, travel & live in 10+ countries, and owned 2 businesses by the age of 22.

5. Relatable & Accommodating

Carrie is a multi-multicultural woman who goes over & beyond. She will greet your attendees at the door with a handshake and a smile. She’ll work with you to make the entire experience a breeze, work hard to accommodate your requests whenever possible, and attend receptions and/or networking sessions that involve your attendees, sponsors, and clients.

4. Motivation and Actionable Takeaways

Carrie has mastered the ability to turn complex topics into relevant and memorable takeaways. More importantly, she delivers her keynotes with tactics, strategies and a framework that will leave your audience with a feeling of motivation to apply immediately.

Actress Carrie Bernans Portrait

3. Deeply Inspirational, Experiential Learning

Regardless of the size of your event, Carrie spends as much time in the audience as she does on stage. She uses peer-to-peer coaching exercises and interactive games to drive audience engagement. Her fearless, inspiring and fun approach loosens up your audience, accelerates connection and deepens inspiration because your audience will be both entertained and engaged.

2. Customized Content And Service

Carrie never delivers a “canned” speech and she never phones it in. She’s a recognized authority on leadership development, youth engagement, purposeful sessions and motivation – so she’ll work with you to craft a program that works perfectly for your event agenda.

1. It's All About You

Carrie is one of the most powerful inspirational and motivational speakers you will find because she knows how to stir hidden passion, inspire a call to action and genuinely move people. It’s not about Carrie; it’s about you, your client and your audience. She’s passionate about making a difference and it comes through on and off stage. Her commitment is simple: serve you and do whatever it takes to make your event a major success and memorable experience.


Others say, Carrie is...

"Carrie were able to captivate the audience and begin with someone crying tears of laughter, and the second later have someone cry with emotion. Everyone truly left with a sense of motivation, relatability, and sense of wanting more."
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L. King
"She's a powerhouse. Your youth and young adults will leave with a fresh sense of motivation and mindset on intentional living and being visionary."
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