Move that mountain, baby!

Actress Carrie Bernans Portrait

The hustler—

The Lady Boss

From starting companies to selling them from investing to raising funds, Carrie is a boss woman.

Carrie grew up poor-of-goods and wealthy-of-mind with a single-parent teenage-mother and an early nomadic lifestyle from her birthplace to Panama, Central America, back to Richmond and to the townships along the Eastern to Southern U.S. coast. These childhood experience reflexively prepared Carrie for extensive independent traveling and coaching abroad in Shanghai, China, Paris, France, London, England, West Africa, and Berlin, Germany and more.

Bossbabe in the making

Carrie has worked on and helped build several tech start-ups. She’s raised funds and invested in personal companies and others which she served on the board to being featured in over 40 publications like FastCompany, Google on International Women’s Day to the front pages of newspapers.

In her high school years, Carrie networked and trained with real investment bankers and accountants. Her mentors do Merger & Acquisition simulations on the Vanderbilt, Emory, and Columbia University campuses through the Youth About Business program. It truly made a difference and grew the fire of entrepreneurship in Carrie’s heart.

She currently privately invests and runs three companies: 11 Bernans Productions, Drexel Street Marketing, and Faith Is My SuperPower.


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Faith Is My Superpower

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